In short:
A non-fictional 
Sherlock Holmes of floor covering mysteries. What is a certified floor covering inspector? A certified carpet and floor covering inspector should be an unbiased, knowledgeable observer who uses training, observation and experience to determine the causes of floor covering failures and problems. 
A certified carpet and floor covering inspector should be a problem solver.  By observation, interview, testing and collecting relevant facts the logical process should lead to fact-based conclusions. 
A certified floor covering and carpet inspector should be a resource to Architects, Commercial Building Owners, Property Managers, Attorneys, Home Owners, Building Contractors, Disaster Restoration Firms, Retail Outlets, and Installers. What’s involved? Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Stop, look and listen!

1. Pre-inspection discussion of general concerns and purposes of the inspection.

2. Perform an on-site inspection:
            Do a general visual walk through and clarification of the concerns  
            Document history of installation, maintenance and timeline of the concerns
            Collect photographic and/or physical evidence of specific concerns
            Research the standard data required for specific products being inspected
            Perform concern specific tests
3. Develop a comprehensive inspection report.
            Who is involved - customer, retailer, contractor, etc.
            Clear statement of concerns
            Product and site description
            Visual observations
            Field test results
            Clarification of industry standards relating to the concerns
            Conclusions based on collected facts and observations
            Determine responsibility for concerns
            Suggestions for resolution of concerns
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