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Why Eye Spy Floor Services can help you determine the nature of your problem and explain issues and solutions. Is the problem due to manufacturing? Does your customer have unfounded expectations? Did the installer take improper short-cuts? Carpet seams unraveling, seams overly visible, carpet wrinkling, vinyl flooring showing subfloor joints or wood or laminate flooring gapping.
Documented industry standards and accepted common industry practices will be used to conduct an examination of your concerns leading to a written report detailing concerns, documentation and clarification of visual evidence, pertinent facts, related tests, fact-based conclusions and recommendations of your options. You need an experienced and unbiased flooring inspector who can act locally and be your eyes.

You need help solving unique installation problems, clarification of installation quality and back up of your professional installation efforts.

You need complete information on causes of floor covering problems and possible solutions from an experienced and recognized expert. Will you be satisfied with any inspector chosen by the manufacturer? Most manufacturers accept certified inspections from an inspector of your choice as proof of claim and will compensate you for any fees. 

You need a trusted flooring professional to identify the true nature of your concerns, specify the issues and offer advice and options so you can deal on an even basis with retailers, manufacturers and installers.

You need a knowledgeable source of information to help make your representation of your clients complete. Adding a certified inspector to your legal team will ensure your client a reliable industry standard based report and a professional information source.

You need professional advice on selection of the proper products for varied uses, professional oversight of installation processes and consultation if problems arise.
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